Story number 2 for 30 Dec 1999

By December 30, 1999

Meanwhile, increasing hostilities between Hindus and Christians have forced some evangelical mission groups to rethink their efforts in that country. Operation Mobilization is one such group. O-M’s Peter Dance says they’ve had to adjust their implementation of Project Light a four year effort to reach 100-million Indians with the Gospel. ” We’ve had to change our strategy in backing off from on the street open air evangelism to much more quietly to our neighbors, but they’re moving ahead in various ways even more so and much more united than they have been ever.” Dance says despite the violence, many Christians are moving forward with boldness. “Most of the Christ nationwide says that we are actually not going to be quiet. You’re not going to put us down. We are going to continue to share the love of Christ through schools, through education, through medical help and preaching the Gospel both to our neighbors and in the street.”

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