Story number 2 for 30 May 2002

By May 30, 2002

(India)–Meanwhile, an evangelical organization hopes to offer an eternal peace in India, a country rocked with religious and political violence. Since this peace can only be found in God’s word, the International Bible Society will be providing a new translation of scripture in the Hindi language. IBS’s Steve Johnson. “We estimate that there may be somewhere between 600-million and perhaps even one-billion people who speak Hindi as either their first or second language. And, the translation that’s pretty commonly accepted by Hindi Christians is about 150 years old. So, there’s an incredible opportunity to reach these people with God’s word in their contemporary Hindi idiom.” Johnson says they have needs as project gets underway. “The major need we have right now is a resource and a funding need. We estimate that the project could take about two million dollars to complete over a 10-year period. So, the cost to underwrite the translation will be about $200,000 a year.”

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