Story number 2 for 31 Mar 2000

By March 31, 2000

Elsewhere, recent reports indicate Christians are caught in the crossfire of a tribal war in Papua New Guinea. So far, two Christians have been killed in the fighting and a pastor’s life has been threatened. Wycliffe Bible Translator’s Jerry Walker says tribal warfare is common in the area, and it is problematic to mission work. “It disrupts your work because they’re all fighting instead of going to church. You’ve got to pray and trust the Lord for what’s going on at your work. God will do His work in the area…we see certain things as roadblocks or troubles, [but] God’s ways are not our ways.” Walker says it is important to pray because: “Satan really has a hold on them. They have a payback system and so if you do something to me, I have to do something worse back to you, and it escalates, so that’s where you have these tribal warfare. The answer that they need is Christ in their life.” Walker and his family are preparing to return to PNG three months. While they’re in the United States, they’re staying at D&D Missionary Homes.

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