Story number 2 for 4 Aug 2003

By August 4, 2003

(Asia)–Meanwhile, many people in Asia are just waiting to hear the Gospel. That’s the word from Ron Pritz with OC International. OCI is working side-by-side with national church leaders into help grow the church. Pritz says because it’s already very ‘religious’, the Gospel message is tolerated. “There’s a wide open door to work in those communities. Generally speaking, we find openness to the Gospel. We find people turning to Christ and tremendous church explosion in some of these countries today.” While short term workers have increased recently, long term commitments haven’t. “To go for the, what we call, the incarnational ministry, where you actually go into a country long enough to incarnate, to learn the language, to learn the culture, to come along side the people, to get into their homes and become friends. It’s more difficult to find people will to invest that kind of time in kingdom work.

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