Story number 2 for 4 Dec 2002

By December 4, 2002

(Kenya)–We turn next to Kenya, where the threat to security continues following last week’s deadly attacks. Grace Ministries’ Sam Vinton explains that although the terrorism was aimed at Israel, they’re concerned. “Underlying all of this, there is a hatred of Christianity and a hatred of Jews that is sort of tied together in this. They will be there and the nationals have to live with that. I think of Pakistan and those countries where Christians are carrying on the work, but they [Christians] actually live in very dangerous situations. They have to be taught in what would be called ‘theology of suffering’, which is something very, very strange and different for us as Americans.” Vinton says in a way, the crisis is forcing the national church to take ownership of their ministry. He attributes it to a change in mindset. “You’re concerned, but you’re not going to just stay home. I see this as a tendency that’s going to crop up here and there as part of the world. I think this is just part of what we can expect from now on as what’s happening around the world.”

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