Story number 2 for 4 Jan 2000

By January 4, 2000

Next, thousands are homeless and without food or water following devastating
flooding in Venezuela. Officials now believe damages could total two billion dollars.
Feeding Starving Children International’s Richard Sandbatch says the disaster has
also affected their work. “Pastor Samuel Olson is the Venezuelan Evangelical World
Fellowship president-[he] had an emergency response team, along with a feeding
station, and they lost a building and their vehicles in the torrential rains and mudslides.
So, it becomes very critical that we not only replace the food, but try to help with
vehicles as well.” Sandbatch is pleading for help from the body of Christ. “The colossal
need for Pastor Olson is wisdom. They have a disaster relief team, and all of the
sudden, their vehicles are gone. When you look at a town of Caracas and the various
surrounding areas and see how devastated it is, you say, ‘God, where do I start?’ and
‘What do I do next?'”

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