Story number 2 for 4 Mar 2002

By March 4, 2002

(Afghanistan)–Next, while the fierceness of the war on terrorism eases in Afghanistan, the people there are still wondering where they’ll find food. Food For the Hungry ‘s President Ben Homan just returned from the region. He says they’re now working in Muslim villages in the northeast. Homan describes the situation. “There are people literally dismantling their homes to sell the wood beams to buy food. This is in a place where there’s a foot of snow, where temperatures are in the teens and half the homes are without doors and windows. It’s a very desperate situation. It calls for the people of God to respond.” Homan is asking Christians to contribute to the Food for the Hungry relief fund. “People need to realize that they can participate in something that’s very significant and that it does establish a demonstration of God’s love. I would just emphasize that many people in Afghanistan have no idea what that looks like. It’s very significant to send that message of love and concern.”

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