Story number 2 for 5 Aug 2002

By August 5, 2002

(Colombia)–Elsewhere, in Colombia, the drug war has created warlords, rebels, and their victims. Escalating violence against Christians has prompted some concern for mission agencies. Evangelical Free Church Mission’s Tim McIntosh says the trouble may be the result of several rebel leaders turning to Christ. “As they have come into contact with churches and have threatened them-the churches have shared the Gospel with them and a number of them have come to the Lord; that’s not very pleasing to the FARC…so what they’ve done is they have targeted Christian leaders throughout the country.” McIntosh says they don’t have a direct ministry in Colombia, but are supporting believers. Please pray. “My perspective is that they’re handling it very well. I think that they’ve been going through ten years of pressure, and, of course the conflict in Colombia has been going on for 40 years, so although it’s difficult, it’s something that they’ve learned to handle, I think, quite well.”

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