Story number 2 for 5 Feb 1999

By February 5, 1999

Next, a recent change in the law books in Greece could spell trouble for non-European missionaries. Wayne Ritchie is an independent missionary ministering with his family there. He explains… “It used to be that when we’d go into Greece, we’d get three-month visas and then would have to renew them by crossing over into Italy and then going back again the next day or two days later. But now, when you cross over to Italy, it’s not like leaving Greece, because it’s all one nation…so now, they’re closing their borders on all the foreigners that are living within the countries.” Ritchie says the law could be disruptive to mission work. “It’s going to greatly effect Americans because, whereas many of them have visas for a year, now they only get visas for six months…and whereas before they could cross over to another country and turn around and come back again, now they have to be out of the country for six months, so it’s going to disrupt a lot of missionary activity.” The Ritchies are staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida while they are in the United States. They return to Greece in May.

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