Story number 2 for 5 Jan 2001

By January 5, 2001

Our attention turns to Kosovo, where officials are still trying to resolve boundary conflicts with Serbia. While the crisis of war has diminished, there is still the matter of rebuilding the critical infrastructure. International Aid’s Jeremy Konyndyk. “The main needs now are things like training, and capacity building projects, and there is still a lot of need for reconstruction as well. The infrastructure is still quite poor. At this point, International Aid is supporting the health system, making donations of drugs and medical supplies and trying to fill in gaps that the United Nations, which is the government right now in the province, cannot cover.” Konyndyk says they are working with believers, adding that they face challenges. “It’s been difficult for the church in Kosovo in some ways. Religion in Kosovo is very politicized. The Albanians tend to associate Christians in general with the Serbs and so, it’s a very negative association. That being said, there have been some areas, especially in the Southwestern part of the province where Christianity has been able to flourish and churches are doing very well.”

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