Story number 2 for 5 Jul 2002

By July 5, 2002

(Sudan)–Next, there are fears that Sudan’s civil war has recently reached its deadliest phase. Civilian targets were hit this week by the Khartoum government, resulting in more casualties. The conditions have deteriorated to where security is despaired of by human rights groups. Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton. “We’re very concerned about the situation in south Sudan, particularly for the Christians there and for our workers, and other aid workers who are there. The situation right now is extremely unstable, and, in spite of all the good talk that we’ve heard from the government in northern Sudan, good action has not followed.” Nettleton says, despite the danger, they have not abandoned their project. Please pray. “I think we definitely still choose to stand with the Christians in south Sudan who are being persecuted for their faith. Some of the changes we’ve made will enable us to stay focused on the Christians who are persecuted. Some of the things that we were formerly doing, we have turned over to the Sudanese people.”

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