Story number 2 for 5 Jun 2001

By June 5, 2001

(Nepal)–Meanwhile, Nepal’s royal family massacre has created a vacuum in leadership. Although the regent has been crowned king, the government is in a shambles. Christian Aid Mission’s Nepali representative says there are some concerns about how the upheaval could change things for the church. “The late king was a pro-democracy guy, so he really had nothing against the Christians; but now, it’s so unstable. We don’t know if this situation would make the Maoists stronger because the Palace is very weak right now. It’s a very tough situation for the Christians.” She says the threat of Communism coming back to the country is real. She says right now, believers are continuing their work, but asks Christians for their support. “Pray that this doesn’t become a situation where the insurgents will take over. The ruling government is totally confused with this new king who’s, in my opinion, a real hard-liner. He’s just not very much for democracy.”

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