Story number 2 for 5 Mar 2001

By March 5, 2001

(India)–Meanwhile, a Bible Translation organization is reaching out to the victims of the Indian earthquake. The World Bible Translation Centers’ Craig Smith says while many organizations are helping with physical needs, they’re assisting with the spiritual aid. “We very quickly printed 100,000 scripture portions and 10,000 Gospels of Mark in the language of Gujarati. The earthquake epicenter was in the state of Gujarat. So, we immediately began distributing those. As people recover from this tragedy they need permanent hope. Hope that only Jesus can provide.” Smith says while this was an ambitious project, more needs to be done. “We need financial help to get more copies of God’s word to India. It’s very economical to do printing and distribution. We can print and distribute a New Testament for about a dollar and we can do a complete Bible for about four-dollars.”

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