Story number 2 for 5 Mar 2003

By March 5, 2003

(Philippines)–Meanwhile, the most recent rash of violence in the Philippines isn’t stopping work that’s displaying Christ’s love in word and deed. The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is just one group who vows to continue. Susan Van Lopik works with the humanitarian group. “We’ve been there in the Philippines for many, many years. And so, we have a lot of programs on the ground. Working with local communities to improve the conditions of the poor people there. We are also involved, especially in Mindanao, in our peace and reconciliation work there – bringing together Muslim and Christian leaders and community members to try to develop communities of peace.” Van Lopik says prayer is essential. “Pray for the leaders of the communities so that they see the value of being peacemakers and peace builders in their community. Also, pray for the work that we are doing in terms of spreading the Gospel.”

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