Story number 2 for 6 Jan 2000

By January 6, 2000

Elsewhere, a week after fierce storms ripped through France, hundreds of
thousands of households remained without electricity. Cultural monuments
suffered damage and the high winds also downed hundreds of thousands of trees.
Evangelical Baptist Missions’ Dave Nunemaker describes what happened. “The
storms that hit France are the worst of the past century or perhaps the worst in
recorded history. Basically put, we had about four hurricanes that hit within the space
of 48 hours, and literally, all of France was touched by it-most of the damage was
severe.” Nunemaker says the storm has also had an impact on their work. “A church
which we had the joy of planting lost their roof completely, and half of the end wall of
the building fell in-that’s pretty severe damage. The most important need is prayer that
the Lord will give them [believers] courage to face the disaster and to be able to trust
the Lord.”

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