Story number 2 for 6 Jun 2002

By June 6, 2002

(India)–Next, Ramabai Mukti Mission is also feeling the effects of the threat of war. Ramabai Mukti’s David Scott says the unstable situation is curtailing volunteer travel. “We were sending a short-term worker there this summer to work in our English medium school, and unfortunately, the person had to cancel because of the State Department’s warning and because of the possible war situation there. And, we had some others that were interested in possibly going to serve there. So, it has affected (us) in a direct way.” Because nationals run the mission, their job training, schools, hospital, and community development projects continue. Scott says they do have prayer needs, though. “They’re going through some real spiritual battles, which often happens when you have spiritual victory, you often have battles that go with it. So, you can pray for those spiritual battles and they have also had a funding cutoff by a particular group so it’s put them in a financial straight.”

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