Story number 2 for 6 Nov 2001

By November 6, 2001

(Tajikistan)–Our next story takes place in Tajikistan, where Medical Ambassadors International’s work has been interrupted by the war with Afghanistan. However, Dr. Paul Calhoun says the tragedy has opened an opportunity for community health evangelism. He says their workers are now able to reach the Afghani refugees. “They are reporting just a bewildered group of people who have traveled to the north and are just in a very desperate situation.” Calhoun says that most of the hardship has taken its toll on the children, adding that the average life expectancy has fallen to only 46-years. That makes their mission urgent. “Along with this health education, we’re also training these nationals to share the Gospel and the hope of a Creator God who wants to invite His creation to become a part of the eternal family of God.”

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