Story number 2 for 6 Sep 2002

By September 6, 2002

(Egypt)–Elsewhere, Christians around the world are being asked to help a Christian television ministry in the Middle East. Wednesday, SAT-7’s production studio in Egypt was destroyed by fire. SAT-7’s JB Kump. “The initial estimate of the equipment alone is like a $400,000 loss. Some of the equipment is not state of the art, but is quite, quite good. Some of it’s equipment that’s not immediately available in that area, so it’s really probably too early to have a good estimate of when we’ll be up and running again, but we do hope to reopen the facility again next week.” According to Kump while there were no injuries in the fire, they don’t know what caused it. “Certainly nothing has been ruled out. We’re not speculating about arson or intentional causes, but obviously there are some who are questioning that and I know the investigators won’t stop until they find out exactly what did cause it.” Kump says programming won’t be interrupted as much of it was already produced. Pray that funding will be available to replace the equipment.

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