Story number 2 for 7 Dec 2001

By December 7, 2001

(Afghanistan)–Meanwhile, at the opening meeting of the Afghanistan Support Group, leaders underlined the need for a long-term assistance to the area. The ASG is just one of many agencies which coordinates aid for the impoverished country. Medical Ambassadors International’s Paul Calhoun says without help, thousands of internally displaced people are facing a dismal future. “The crisis is that they have no shelter or food and they are facing into what looks like an early winter.” Calhoun says they are seeing the fruition of a years’ worth of groundwork in northern Afghanistan. Despite the danger of working in the area, MAI’s team continued to minister. “It’s the friendship of our workers that encourages, comes alongside and then people begin to ask, ‘why are you doing this?’ That opens the door to be able to share the hope that is within them.”

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