Story number 2 for 7 Mar 2001

By March 7, 2001

(CAR)–Meanwhile, kidnappings in the Central African Republic have actually helped evangelism there. That’s the word from the Evangelical Free Church Mission’s Merle Wiens (weyns). Wiens says they’re having an easier time reaching out to the nomadic Fulani peoples. He explains why. “They’re starting to be a little more settled down due to banditry that’s taking place up there. There’s been bandits raiding the cattle herds and so forth and they’ve been kidnapping different people from the Fulani tribe. And, then holding those people, especially children, for ransom.” Less movement makes them more accessible. Wiens says while there hasn’t been a church planted yet, he’s hopeful. “There two individuals that are very close to coming to the Lord. We’re praying that in the next few months they indeed will come to know the Lord and that will be the beginning of Christians that we’re working with among the Fulani.”

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