Story number 2 for 7 Mar 2003

By March 7, 2003

(Ethiopia)–Meanwhile, water is the tool competing for souls in Ethiopia. Drought is affecting the lives of millions and water is desperately needed. President of Living Water International, Gary Evans says they just started a water-drilling program with the local church to help. “Living Water is a service organization that comes along side of missionaries to help provide a cup of water in Jesus name. We provide safe water systems at churches, schools, hospitals and orphanages.” The goal is to lead people to Christ. Evans says your 10-dollar gift provides water for one person. He says they’re raising two-million dollars because the need is great and the competition for souls is intense. “Islam is making a big push to take Ethiopia for Islam. And, the Islamic outreach is to put a Mosque with a water-well every 20 miles. So, we’re having a lot of competition, if you will. We certainly need to be bathed in prayer.”

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