Story number 2 for 7 Nov 2001

By November 7, 2001

(USA)–Next, experience in previous disasters is helping relief workers at the World Trade Center. Mission Network News’ Joel Hill is in New York. “Ike VandenBurg, a retired electrician from Holland, Michigan, has traveled often to assist in disaster relief. He was also among the first relief workers on the scene after September 11th. VandenBerg, working with International Aid says the job their doing, refurbishing a church to house recovery crews, has it’s own set of problems. “You go on these jobs, you don’t do one thing; you do what has to be done. We’ve done roofing, I’ve put floor tiles down, some plumbing, just a little of everything.” VandenBerg says though, giving up two weeks to volunteer is worth it. “It gives you a good feeling. You go away feeling that you received more than what you gave.” VandenBerg says while the work seems daunting, they will move quickly and bring the building up to code. He believes the work they’ll do enables others to share Christ. For Mission Network News, I’m Joel Hill in New York City.”

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