Story number 2 for 7 Sep 2000

By September 7, 2000

We turn next to Vietnam where government officials are jamming Christian radio broadcasts in that communistic country. Jim Bowman is President of Voice of Friendship, formerly Far East Broadcasting Company. “This is really directed at the Hmong broadcasts. They recently have become very responsive to the Gospel. The broadcasts themselves have been given credit for this great turning to Christ – apparently in the hundreds of thousands. And, as a result they continue to jam these broadcasts.” According to Bowman they may switch frequencies and hope the listeners follow them. He says prayer is essential for these new believers. “These people are largely illiterate – around 90-percent. They do depend on the radio. Not many of them can travel. There have been some migration to the south of Vietnam to try to get away from the persecution, which is largely in the north and in Laos. We need to pray for these people because they hardly understand the meaning of the Gospel accept that the want to be saved and they want to be free of evil spirits.”

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