Story number 2 for 8 Aug 2001

By August 8, 2001

(Tajikistan)–We turn our attention next to the situation facing a group of workers from a Christian organization in Afghanistan. Other international aid workers are now keeping a low profile, as Taliban investigates the proselytizing charges. Medical Ambassadors International’s Glenn Reeves says they are working in Tajikistan, a bordering country. He says because of the situation, their team is casting a wary eye. “They were careful about what they would do overtly. They wouldn’t pass out tracts. It’s generally known that most of the teams are believers in Jesus. MAI is primarily a teaching and equipping agency, so we don’t have any staff who work for MAI on the ground.” Reeves adds that their situation is not as tense as in Afghanistan, but asks believers to pray: “…that the people who do know the Lord would have wisdom in presenting Jesus as a person and not as a “conflicting religion”. ..and, that they’d be able to demonstrate both in life and in practice, their faith in Jesus.”

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