Story number 2 for 8 May 2001

By May 8, 2001

(Cambodia)–Meanwhile, a missionary radio ministry has lost a key member of their Cambodian staff. Far East Broadcast Company says their foreman died last week when he tried to put out a fire in one of their buildings. FEBC’s President Jim Bowman. “We had a fire in the studio that we were building to get the station up and operating and one of the workers was killed. They were doing some welding in the building and the soundproofing caught fire. The air conditioner just fanned the flames and the air conditioning just exploded.” Bowman says Pu Ly was effective in dealing with the government. Bowman says this is another major setback FEBC has seen in trying to get Christian radio on the air. “We don’t like to look for Satan under every bush so to speak. We do think in these cases that there’s great spiritual resistance because this is a country that’s been devastated by evil.”

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