Story number 2 for 9 Aug 2000

By August 9, 2000

While Amsterdam 2000 is over, the conference was responsible for a milestone cooperative in evangelism. As mission strategists, church leaders and theologians gathered to draft the Amsterdam Declaration, a charter for Evangelism in the 21st Center, they also committed to reaching the unreached. Director of the Jesus Film Project Paul Eshelman. “We distributed a list of about 253 people groups, as far as our knowledge, there was know one working to plant a church. And, within about 30 minutes the people in that auditorium committed to all 253 reached people groups that we will go and attempt to plant a church, by God’s grace, in the next two years.” Eshleman says the Jesus Film Project has committed to supplying the story of Christ in each language. “We committed that anybody that’s committed to reach an unreached people group any where in the world, we’ll provide the video cassettes of the Jesus Film in that language or in the nearby language, audio cassettes that can be used. And, in those places where people can’t read the tapes video and audio will be available to lead people to Christ.”

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