Story number 2 for 9 Jul 2003

By July 9, 2003

(Belarus)–Next, a new agreement between the Orthodox church and the government is making evangelism difficult in Belarus. Russian Ministries is concerned because the agreement is designed to fight against what the government calls “pseudo-religious structures”. Russian Ministries Anita Deyneka says Christians are being fined for evangelistic work. “This is very much a flashback and reminiscent of what was so tragic for Christians there, and I’m sure that’s how it seems to them. When I hear of this happening it brings back so many memories of what it was like in the Soviet Union under the Communists.” Deyneka says despite the problems, the church is growing. She’s asking people to pray. “Pray for wisdom for the on going growth of the church. And, pray for God’s intervention in protecting the religious liberties that are so important for Christians.”

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