Story number 2 for 9 May 2000

By May 9, 2000

Next, the hostage standoff in the Philippines continues to fill the atmosphere with tension. SEND International’s Dave Lowen says they felt it was time to move, for the safety of the people they were working with. “We decided it’s important for us to get our people out of there. I was in correspondence with our director in the Philippines. He was in correspondence with the U-S Embassy there and the latest is news is that the crew arrived safe and sound in Manila.” Lowen adds that their crew will complete their coursework on the “Teaching English as a Second Language” while in Manila. He says this is a vehicle they can use to share the hope of Christ. He asks that people pray. “There have been decisions made for Christ during this time. One of my prayer requests would be for their nurture, for their safe-keeping. Another concern would be for friends who were not able to be evacuated.”

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