Story number 2 for 9 May 2001

By May 9, 2001

(Malawi)–Meanwhile, as AIDS continues plaguing the African country of Malawi, evangelical leaders are traveling there tomorrow to teach hope. Evangelism Explosion International will be holding evangelism training sessions for 160 Bible school students at the African Bible College. E-E’s John Sorrenson. “The average life span of a man in Malawi is 38-years-old and so time is of the essence in reaching these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have a great desire to do it, but there simply aren’t enough people to do it. And, by training them in Evangelism Explosion that’s going to give them the tools to equip others to do it as well.” Sorrenson says Islam is another reason for urgency. “They have sectioned off Malawi into a six kilometer grid structure and they’ve placed a Mosque in the center of each one of these grid crossings with the idea that no Malawian would have to walk more than three kilometers to get to a mosque. So far, it has not taken hold. The people are still open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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