Story number 2 for 9 Nov 2001

By November 9, 2001

(Cuba)–Next, a Christian relief and development agency is empowering the church in Cuba to help the victims of Hurricane Michelle. International Aid’s Sonny Enriquez says, 22-thousand families are in need there, so they’re stepping forward to help. “We’ll be sending the complete clinic. The medical personnel there will just start operating it and it will give instant delivery of health services. With Christian medical professionals on the ground and I think it will surely enhance the testimony of the churches there as they witness the love of Christ in very practical ways.” According to Enriquez, while Cuba is facing seemly insurmountable economic trouble, churches are thriving. “The churches are, I think, at a point of revival there’s one denomination that’s just growing at one church a day. There’s exponential growth of the body of the Lord in that country.” I-A needs support to get the needed supplies into Cuba. Call our resource line or go to our web site to help.

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