Story number 3 for 1 Apr 2003

By April 1, 2003

(India)–Gujarat State’s high court’s dismissal of a petition challenging the new anti-conversion law means the governor will still approve it. The bill passed through the legislature March 26th , amidst growing controversy. Global Advance’s David Shibley says their Frontline Shepherds’ conference was timely. “All the more, because of anti-Western feeling, it’s important for us to lift up the hands of national pastors and church leaders. Currently, there are four states in India that have passed anti-conversion laws. Nevertheless, church planting continues, almost unabated.” Shibley says what’s happened since the meetings is amazing. “Already, there are 80 churches in process of being planted as a result of the Frontline Shepherds’ conference. This is almost unprecedented, the speed with which these new churches are being planted. I think there’s a refreshing new commitment on the part of Indian pastors as a result of the growing hostility against the church.”

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