Story number 3 for 1 Nov 2002

By November 1, 2002

(USA)–A large church in Texas recently held a strategic meeting where the vision of worldwide missions caught on. The idea sprang from the fact that American Christians are well resourced, but fairly uninvolved with evangelism. A HREF=”/media/group.php?agencyAb=E3P”>E3 Partners Nathan Sheets says they got an e-mail from a man in Russia that exemplified their point. “”I just bought an EvangeCube. It just cost me a week’s worth of my family’s grocery budget. 250 rupees (or six dollars).” That really shows the need for North American Christians to be able to provide the resources for Christians all around the world to be equipped.” The potential for evangelism, Sheets says, is staggering. “We’re focusing on developing four more churches by year end. We just really pray that over the next five years, that God will enable us and allow us to equip two million North American Christians to share the Gospel. If each one of them would just share the Gospel ten times, that’d be 20-million people, or if they would share the Gospel a hundred times, that’d be 200-million people.”

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