Story number 3 for 10 Dec 1999

By December 10, 1999

While police are dismantling army checkpoints in Liberia, the needs of the people continue to surface. Feeding Starving Children International’s Dick Proudfit just returned from the country. Proudfit says the lack of food isn’t the only problem. He describes what he saw when he went into a hospital. “I was flabbergasted walking in that building to see nothing. Almost zero medical supplies. Zero equipment because the country has been looted. And so, what they’re asking for is equipment and medical supplies immediately.” Proudfit says meeting their physical needs is vital to reaching them with the Gospel. He says the church will be their link to those who haven’t heard the message of Christ.”The church is already in place. They’re practically in every village around the country. We would like to begin to partner with them to start a feeding programs for the children and the families that they know who are devastated.”

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