Story number 3 for 10 Dec 2001

By December 10, 2001

(USA)–While most Americans will forever remember September 11th, the event isn’t having the spiritual impact many Christians were hoping for. That’s the word from Life Action Revival Ministries Byron Paulus. Paulus says while evangelistic opportunities abound, there hasn’t been a large harvest of souls. “I don’t know what to attribute that to except unless we as God’s people are pure and holy and broken and repentant, it won’t have the reproductive quality of an ingathering of souls in evangelism. So, yes, I believe they saw the opportunity, but I’m not sure we seized the opportunity.” Barna research indicates revival in the U-S church is desperately needed. Paulus explains. “Christians are not reading their Bibles any more than they were before 9/11, there’s three-percent less believe the Bible’s totally accurate in all it teaches, and four percent less that believe that God is all knowing and all powerful.”

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