Story number 3 for 10 Dec 2002

By December 10, 2002

(International)–There’s good news and bad news on the global front for those involved with evangelism. While turmoil creates difficulty for mission outreach, at the same time, the reaction to the Gospel is, at times, overwhelming. Global Advance’s Dr. David Shibley. “We’re seeing tremendous response to the Gospel all around the world as a result of courageous men and women like these who are carrying the Gospel, really, at record speed. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves at Global Advance next year, to shifting into a new gear and providing 46 Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences.” Shibley says a healthy church doesn’t come without its labor. “We need to pray that the Lord will strengthen and encourage national pastors and church leaders on the frontlines. They’re the ones that are taking the heat as hostility to the Gospel rows more intense in many areas of the world. And yet, there is greater response than ever in many areas of the world, as well.”

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