Story number 3 for 10 Feb 2003

By February 10, 2003

(USA)–An organization that focuses on church leadership training has some ambitious goals. Greg Gripentog, the new President of OC International, explains. “We’re launching into a five year strategic plan which would see us, Lord willing, doubling in size between now and 2007. Right now, we have about 325 personnel. That would mean being over 600 personnel in five years. Right now, we have resident ministry in 20 countries of the world, so it would be a significant expansion in terms of the number of countries we have ministry.” Gripentrog says this expansion will have a huge impact on training worldwide. “Lord willing, five years from now we’ll be impacting over 100,000 leaders every year through direct ministries. Then we impact literally hundreds of the thousands of other leaders through indirect ministries through radio, through web sites, through various kinds of publications – pastors’ magazines, journals and things like that.”

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