Story number 3 for 10 Jan 2000

By January 10, 2000

An evangelical mission organization is helping the needy in Bulgaria during the
winter months. Mission without Borders’ Len Robinson says Bulgaria is one of the
poorest nations among the former Soviet Union. “In Bulgaria we are sending off a
shipment of tomato juices and various other food stuffs. And, we’re looking at reaching
2,500 children in orphanages through this winter and also another 2,500 elderly people
who live in institutions in Bulgaria.” According to Robinson the physical assistance isn’t
only about feeding their stomachs, but feeding them spiritually. “Our people are
standing by again to receive the goods. And, as soon as they’re in place in Bulgaria
we’ll reach to them with the Gospel, with Christian literature. In their time of need I’ve
seen God opening up Eastern Europe through their policies which have destroyed them
and now the Christians, I believe, are making the difference in that country as well.”

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