Story number 3 for 10 Jun 2003

By June 10, 2003

(Canada)–A proposed new law in Canada could outlaw portions of the Bible. Bible Pathway Ministry’s Karen Hawkins tells us why. “The Canadian parliament will be voting on Wednesday on the third reading on a bill that says for anyone to say homosexuality is a sin, using the Bible as their basis, would make that part of the Bible and the one who said it, it would be a hate crime and the Bible would be considered hate literature.” Bible Pathway Ministries encourages people to read through the Bible in one year. Hawkins says Christians need to do one thing. “We really are asking people to pray that the eyes of the Canadian people would be opened, and definitely that those in parliament. It would be apparently the next step, if one portion of God’s word is considered illegal, then the whole thing would be illegal.”

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