Story number 3 for 10 May 2002

By May 10, 2002

(Vietnam)–The World Bible Translation Center is celebrating a landmark move this week. The Translation Center’s Asia director Richard Loh says they released a new Vietnamese translation of the New Testament on May 5th to a congregation in the U-S. “Many of them felt that this is going to help them in their evangelism work, especially for those who are trying to reach out to young people in their community as well. This translation is written in a modern language, which is really everyday language of the common people.” What makes this more significant is the tie-in to future evangelistic outreach inside Vietnam. “Christians are already talking about plans to send some of these back to the people in Vietnam itself. So, we are very, very happy that there are connections with ministries and Christians who are more than happy to bring this to the people in Vietnam.”

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