Story number 3 for 10 Nov 2000

By November 10, 2000

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat paid a visit to Washington yesterday seeking to change President Clinton’s mind on the idea of a U.N. peace force to separate Israelis and Palestinians. Christians for Israel’s Reverend Willem Glashouwer gives his take on Arafat’s action. “He uses religious feelings to keep the conflict going, and to put Israel in a bad position. Now, his proposal to put a force between Palestinians and the Israelis is making, already, a kind of separation of the land. This is sinister.” Glashouwer says the violence in the Middle East has had a direct impact on their outreach. “One of our projects we do together with a Rabbi for Arab and Jewish children got firebombs in his institute and stones. There was a lot of damage, but we managed to collect funds to start to repair it again.”

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