Story number 3 for 11 Aug 2000

By August 11, 2000

As hostilities against Christians continue in the Arab world, Arab World Ministries isn’t allowing that to hamper evangelism. Robert Bruce works in North Africa with AWM. While being a Christian in these areas is difficult, Bruce doesn’t want to see Christians leave their homes. “There’s always a temptation to leave and go to the west where there’s a lot less persecution. And, over the years we’ve lost a number of people who have managed to get a via and have traveled elsewhere. We’re called to shine out like lights where we are. And, obviously they need a burden for their own country.” According to Bruce, it’s easy to start talking about spiritual things in these countries. “Working in the Muslim world it’s very easy to strike up a conversation for hours at a time about religion, however, it takes them a long time to reach the point of conversion.” Bruce says prayer is essential as they continue their secret work among the Muslim people.

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