Story number 3 for 11 Feb 2002

By February 11, 2002

(USA)–Economic dependence of the emerging church was the focus of a consultation Friday at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. More than two dozen church and mission leaders participated. Mission India’s John DeVries says throwing money at evangelism isn’t the answer. “God is very, very capable of reaching a nation with the Gospel without American funds. China is the great example of that. And, therefore, money is not the most important thing in missions. The church in these emerging countries need to be taught they can fund themselves and they can reach themselves.” Chuck Roost is with International Steward, who sponsored the event, explains what he hopes will come from this gathering. “That there will be several recommendations for avenues to be pursued relative to the resolution of the negatives affects of dependency. If we can refined perspectives, refine ideas then we’ll be happy.”

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