Story number 3 for 11 Jan 2002

By January 11, 2002

(USA)–A missionary radio outreach is praising God for what He accomplished in 2001 and they’re looking forward to a productive year in 2002. President of HCJB World Radio, Dave Johnson says prior to September 11th, God worked miraculously in their efforts to reach the Muslim world. “Two months before that event happened we were finally able to buy some time on a pretty powerful AM station pretty close to Afghanistan and we were able to put some of the languages – Northern Uzbek, Tajik, and Dari on.” Johnson says a new area of the world also opened up for them last year. “We officially named the Asia/Pacific as a region for us and there are a series of projects that we’ve initiated there. Probably a highlight would be just getting going in Papua New Guinea with a license that a group there has for multiple stations.” Tomorrow we’ll take a look at their plans for outreach in 2002.

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