Story number 3 for 11 Jul 2003

By July 11, 2003

(Kenya)–It’s the story of preserving a cultural identity. For The Seed Company, work in Southwest Kenya among the Suba tribe is helping keep a unique society alive. Spokesman Parke Brown explains the mindset that posed a challenge to the team of Bible translators. “Many of the people groups around them looked down on them because they didn’t have the Scriptures, and they thought they were inferior in some way because God hadn’t spoken to them. The people, themselves, sort of picked this up over time, and they really felt ashamed of who they were just because of this lack of Scriptures.” Since then, seven books of the Bible have been translated for the Suba. That has blossomed into a growing church and, says Brown, into a holistic community ministry. “They’re now actually partner in a school that primarily helps children, who have been orphaned from AIDS, to go ahead and get a good education and to get good quality meals and to really break from the cycle of some of these sicknesses and poverty.”

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