Story number 3 for 11 Jun 2003

By June 11, 2003

(USA)–A conference in the United States is encouraging more professionals to join the mission field full time. The Finishers Project and ACMC are cosponsoring the Atlanta conference called “Maximum Discipleship” June 19th through the 21st. Nelson Malwitz with the Finisher’s Project says challenging Christians to join the mission force is difficult. “We’re finding a mixed reaction. Some people are interested at a life stage of say 40 to their 50’s of making a significant contribution to God’s kingdom cause in some way. And then, on the other hand, people are a bit afraid by the world’s situation being a bit unsettling.” Malwitz says the need is great, but not for evangelists. “People of the world are looking, not for us to come over and do their church planting and church growth, but to teach them how to do it — to teach them how to do Christian publications, and Christian radio and to do education, government and business and industry.” Go to Finishers-dot-org for additional information.

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