Story number 3 for 12 Jan 2001

By January 12, 2001

Three mission organizations are partnering together to work more cost effectively. It’s called ‘Vision Quest Alliance’, and Greater Europe Mission helped spearhead the initiative. G-E-M’s Mike Clabaugh says Vision Quest provides needed expertise at a shared cost. “In some cases it would be like a brokerage service. If there’s a particular expertise that’s needed the Vision Quest might go find and acquire that expertise. In other cases Vision Quest itself will develop the expertise and that’s what we have done in the area of financial services, organizational development and fund development.” Clabaugh says ultimately this will be good for evangelism. “Making better use of donor dollars by being more efficient, more cost effective, providing a better level of service to the organizations than they might other wise get, so that they can then focus on what they do which is the core ministry.” A new organization is expected to be added each year.

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