Story number 3 for 12 Jul 2000

By July 12, 2000

Officials at Back to the Bible are thanking God for an outpouring of support for their Ecuador office. Two months ago the office was robbed setting the organization back some 150-thousand dollars. However, according to Director of International Services Mark Blowers, the robbery helped them make improvements. “The further we got into what was gone and what was left, it turns out that the robbers took most of everything we needed to get rid of in order to digitize. And, so what was intended for evil has really turned around for good.” Dave Hansen is Back to the Bible’s Vice President for International Ministries. He says people responded to their call for help. “We’ve received about $140,000 U-S dollars. That will cover all of the expenses in order to replace the equipment. It will also help us change some of the security issues that were in process of doing right at this time.” Hansen says they hope to have the new equipment installed by the end of the month.

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