Story number 3 for 12 Jun 2002

By June 12, 2002

(Republic of Congo)–As the first parliamentary elections are underway in the Republic of Congo since civil war ended in 1999, those traumatized by the war are receiving help. With the aid of a clinical psychologist, CB International’s Doctor Jack Robinson started a trauma counseling training program for pastors. He describes the need. “You see the trauma in their eyes. There has been genocidal type wars there. They need, for example, to be listened to, and just the process of sympathetically enabling people to unpack the experiences that they have gone through helps in that healing process.” Robinson says this ministry will point many to Christ. “This is huge, in terms of enabling people to see Christ and see the Gospel as something more than just a set of beliefs, but incarnated in the lives of people who really love and care.” Robinson hopes CB International can start similar programs in other parts of Africa.

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