Story number 3 for 12 Jun 2003

By June 12, 2003

(Middle East)–Prayer, funding and personnel. Those are the three things the Evangelical Free Church of America needs in order to see success as they reach out to Muslims around the world. EFCA’s Daryl Anderson says the resurgence of radical Islam is make ministry to Muslims more effective. “The Lord has used this to causing more moderate Muslims to take a new look at what they really believe. And, this has opened the door for our workers among Muslims to take new opportunities to discuss the person of Jesus Christ and peace that can be found in Him.” But, Anderson says it’s also having a negative impact. “Christians have thought that they should draw back or have greater concerns. The main reason that we’re not seeing more Muslims come to know the Lord is because they don’t have the opportunity to heard what the Lord Jesus Christ has to offer them.” Pray for additional funding and more workers to help in the harvest.

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