Story number 3 for 12 May 2000

By May 12, 2000

Attracting South Koreans for Evangelism takes many forms in the country. Correspondent Joel Hill is in Seoul for Mission Network News. “An article appearing in a major South Korean newspaper begins by talking about a “Special” meeting of believers in Seoul. Huge 50-foot banners are extended over city streets. These are avenues ManMin Ministries is using to attract Koreans to hear the Gospel of Christ. Johnny Kim with ManMin says he’s pleased the efforts are drawing worldwide attention. “The news about two week special revival meetings is spreading out through a lot of ways, including Mission Network New and even Religion Today and Korean major media. Lots of people will know about it and lots of people will hear what is happening here in Seoul and they will come to see what is happening.” ManMin is also using posters, flyers, and the Internet, combining tradition methods with new technology to share the Gospel. Reporting from Seoul, South Korea, I’m Joel Hill for Mission Network News.”

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